Who is Entera Health?

Our Promise

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life through safe, effective serum protein ingredients. Our promise is to consistently produce one-of-a-kind digestive and immune health ingredients that are held to the highest manufacturing, quality, and safety standards.

Healthy Beginnings

From the start, Entera Health has been developing dietary supplement ingredients backed by science to help support human health and nutrition. Entera Health was founded in 2011 as one of seven privately held, independently operated companies within the Lauridsen Group, Inc. (LGI). We continue to build on LGI’s 35 years+ of experience and develop new technologies to manufacture protein-based digestive and immune health ingredients. ImmunoLin a proprietary branded serum-derived immunoglobulin ingredient.

The Entera Health Difference

Not all nutraceutical ingredient companies are created equal. At Entera Health, we understand as David Foreman, RPh, ND said, “Life begins in the gut.” Since day one, this is what has driven us to create unique serum protein ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle through improved gut health. Extensive research and human clinical trials have substantiated the safety and efficacy of our ingredients. For instance, ImmunoLin has been shown to not only support healthy gut barrier function, improve nutrient absorption and protein utilization thereby supporting a healthy metabolism, but also has unparalleled safety. Our products can be safely consumed with probiotics, or many other common ingredients in the industry to advance product formulations.

Partner with Us

By partnering with global consumer health and wellness companies, our mission is to improve the potency and effectiveness of nutritional brands on a global scale. With products backed by research, the competitive edge we offer our partners is unparalleled. Learn more about what ImmunoLin® can do for your supplement line, or about opportunities in US & international markets by contacting us today.