What is NutraGamax®

Innovation in digestive support is reaching new levels with NutraGamax®, a supplement made of concentrated levels of naturally derived serum proteins. The same serum proteins can be regularly found in food and nutritional products, like milk and bovine colostrum. NutraGamax® offers a new source of these beneficial proteins while being free of lactose, casein, whey, sugars, and saturated fats.

Support Nutrition with Plasma Proteins

Dietary serum proteins have long been shown to support the healthy structural and functional properties of the intestinal mucosa, or intestinal barrier. The distinctive nutritional factors shown by NutraGamax® can reinforce digestive health in a number of areas, including:

  • Maintaining uptake and utilization of nutrients
  • Providing key peptides that may support recovery from intensive exercise
  • Non-allergenic protein sourced from natural and high-quality materials
  • Complete Amino Acid profile


Benefits of Dietary Serum Proteins

An effective option for supporting normal intestinal function, NutraGamax® may assist in healthy digestion, absorption, metabolism, and use of several macro- and micronutrients and is therefore an effective option in the support of a normal GI function. Dietary serum proteins have been tested extensively and have shown to support the following:

Immune Support

Nutrient Absorption

Gut Barrier Function

Healthy Digestive Balance

Benefits of NutraGamax®

NutraGamax® is an alternative source of concentrated serum proteins found in dairy, for consumers who may be lactose intolerant or interested in following recent dieting trends. It’s specially formulated to contain a broad range of bioactive proteins that are found in serum, which have been clinically proven to support digestive and GI immune health. NutraGamax® is produced using fractionation methods designed to concentrate target proteins, rather than strictly purify individual proteins.

This table represents the percentage of protein content found in each product sourced from bovine blood. In milk and colostrum serum, proteins transfer from the circulating blood into the mammary gland. These numbers are representative, but percentage of serum proteins in milk and bovine colostrum can vary.

Safety of NutraGamax®

Multiple Clinical trials have proven that NutraGamax® has no known side effects. NutraGamax® is specifically formulated to contain only proteins that have shown in Clinical trials to support digestive health, a healthy immune system, and benefits in sports nutrition. NutraGamax® is naturally free of dairy, saturated fats, cholesterol, sugars, GMOs, hormones, heavy metals, and antibiotics, making it a sound choice for your most health-conscious consumers.

Allergy Considerations

NutraGamax® is a protein ingredient that is naturally dairy free, which means it contains no casein, whey, or casein. It is also GMO and hormone free. It is manufactured in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Because NutraGamax® is a beef derivative, it should not be consumed by people with allergies to beef.

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