Future of Immuno-Protein

ImmunoLin® is the next generation immuno-protein, providing concentrated immunoglobulins to support the body’s natural immune defenses in the gut. Made with specifically purified serum proteins, ImmunoLin® contains high concentrations of immunoglobulins and growth factors clinically proven to support immune health, digestive wellness, and sports nutrition.

What is ImmunoLin®?

Our serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin protein isolate helps support a healthy digestive tract and immune system. Immunoglobulins work by binding potentially toxic antigens within the digestive tract and prohibiting them from crossing the gut barrier.³ ⁴ ⁵ These antigens are naturally present in the intestinal tract and cause inflammation when exposed to the immune system. ImmunoLin® is naturally free of dairy, saturated fats, cholesterol, sugars, GMO’s, hormones, and antibiotics, making it the perfect choice for your most health-conscious consumers. 


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Quality of ImmunoLin®

ImmunoLin® is nature’s perfect protein, derived from high quality raw material. More than 35 years of research and development has gone into developing immunoglobulin ingredients that are marketed today as ImmunoLin®. Each lot is produced in accordance to cGMP standards. ImmunoLin is produced in a pharmaceutical grade facility and every step from collection to distribution is managed by Entera Health. This ingredient offers high purity, potency, or proprietary production process of ImmunoLin®. 

ImmunoLin® in Sports Nutrition

Boosting recovery speed and protecting muscle tissue are priorities for recreational and competitive athletes alike. It’s also widely understood that two of the most powerful stimulators of skeletal muscle synthesis are resistance exercise and protein intake. With serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin/protein isolate (SBI), athletes can support healthy muscle tissue recovery after strenuous training. 

Safety of SBI and ImmunoLin®

The safety of ImmunoLin® is supported through clinical trial monitoring of studies spanning more than 20 years and submission of a generally recognized as safe submission to the US Food and Drug Administration.

FDA GRAS Designation

On December 24, 2008, the US FDA issued a letter in response to GRAS notice No.255 for Bovine Globulin.  FDA’s response reads, “Based on the information provided by Proliant [a sister company to Entera Health, Inc.], as well as other information available to FDA, the agency has no questions at this time regarding Proliant’s conclusion that bovine glob­ulin is GRAS under the intended conditions of use.

Allergy Considerations

ImmunoLin® is a protein ingredient purified from bovine serum that is naturally dairy-free, meaning no lactose, casein, or whey. It’s manufactured in accordance with Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). Because ImmunoLin® is a beef derivative, people with allergies to beef should not consume the product.

Work with Entera Health

Promote dietary digestive health support and help connect consumers with unique, effective ingredients by partnering with us today. Our proprietary closed-loop manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and New Zealand allow us to quickly meet the demands of our manufacturers and distributors. Entera Health owns every step from collection to distribution, providing our customers with high-quality products and supply chain management.