Investigator-Initiated Trials


  • Entera Health actively supports investigator-sponsored research conducted by third parties on Entera Health products in therapeutic areas of interest to the company. This research can provide valuable information regarding the human application of Entera Health products.
  • If you are interested in applying for support for investigator-sponsored research, please complete the submission process and apply online. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are received.
  • Entera Health may, on occasion, provide grants in therapeutic areas of interest and based on the scientific merit of the proposal. Proposals with the greatest opportunity for success will provide outcomes that are beneficial to human health and healthcare providers, must display expertise in a therapeutic area and in research, have a reasonable budget, and propose conducting the research in a timely manner. Entera Health may make suggestions to improve the scientific/clinical merit of the proposal and enhance consistency with our clinical support. The principal investigator, however, will have full and final discretion as well as responsibility for all aspects of the study design, implementation, data analysis, and data dissemination, including compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to research sponsors. All terms must be contained in a written agreement with Entera Health. Entera Health provides no guarantees that it will provide support for your proposal.

Submit an Investigator-Sponsored Research Request

The request must contain the following information in order to help us evaluate your grant request. Please include the following and send via e-mail to Clinical Affairs:

  • Principle Investigator(PI)
  • PI Curriculum vitae
  • PI full contact information
  • Study title
  • Study Population/Demographics/ Disorder
  • Study Proposal/Program Type/Scope of Trial/Clinical Design
  • Scientific Rationale/Objectives
  • Primary and Secondary Endpoints
  • Number of Subjects
  • Number of Sites
  • Eligibility Criteria (Inclusion/Exclusion)
  • Study Duration
  • Regimens (include dosing)
  • Type of support requested